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Back to the hospital for paranoia and delusions

This week I was able to get Mom to the hospital before her staff called 911.  I don’t think I posted about her ER visit last time, which was only a few weeks ago and involved an ambulance. Paranoia and … Continue reading

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Resisting the Medicalization of Brain Aging – Essential Advice from a Geriatric Neurologist with Brilliance and Heart

I’d planned on reviewing a few different books on Alzheimer’s disease today, but one struck me as so riveting and essential to thought on this topic that it overwhelmingly merited it’s own distinct post.  The refreshing and future-changing thoughts of the author, Dr. … Continue reading

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Flower Power at the Memory Care Facility

“I get in plenty of trouble when they see me come out here,” she said, “But let ’em fuss at me. I outlived all my children and I’m too old to care.” She snapped off a geranium head and tossed it over her shoulder with moxy.
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Mild Demenia – A Gift of Solace?

It feels disconcerting to call this stage of now moderate dementia for Mom the best time of our lives together, but I belive it is. And at the risk of saying something unpopular that many might not fathom.. Continue reading

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Rainy Day of Gratitude

I think I’ll just chew on the lettuce that’s stuck in my teeth Continue reading

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