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Flu Hysteria Decends – Keep Your Wits and Promote Health

Yesterday Mom called me and said she was quarantined.  “It’s just terrifying,” she said.  “They came in to wake me up in gas masks.”  “I’m not allowed to leave,” she continued, “And if I do, I can never come back, so you better do … Continue reading

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The facility where my mother lives is suddenly flooded by families I’ve never seen before, lugging in bags toppling out of their arms, filled with food and gifts.  It’s wonderful to see them congregating where their loved ones are “stuck”, bringing their … Continue reading

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Great Advice on How to Heal Holiday Stress For Good

I just received a holiday newsletter from one of my favorite inspirational writers, Brenda Shoshanna, the founder of Compassionate Care. (See end of this post for her website and more info.)  Not only do I find Dr. Shoshanna’s advice to be incredibly wise, but … Continue reading

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Holistic Health Strategies for Dementia and Parkinson’s – Part One

anyone who hears your diagnosis and tells you what to do with your health is somewhat ignorant about the nature of disease and how we heal. People are incredibly individual in how they manifest certain illnesses.
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