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In the Garden

Thank you for your kind comments and emails.  As you probably guessed, Mom is no longer with us.  I have some things I’d like to share about the intense time in late August, during and after her death, but not … Continue reading

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Living on Air

Bread has been broken, many toasts made, and lots of Mom’s favorite ice cream eaten every dinnertime.   Relatives and old friends have called to pray, sing, share their love, and make amends over the speakerphone on my cell that I hold … Continue reading

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“Crisis” Care or Peace? Mom may be leaving us this week.

My mom stopped eating last week.  The staff kept trying to feed her, or at least when the hospice nurses weren’t looking.  It’s interesting how philosophy meets reality.  They all know it doesn’t make sense to feed a dying person. … Continue reading

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Who’s to blame?

Lately I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to react when I discover things that seem wrong to me at Mom’s memory care facility.  Since I’m an ultra-sensitive person to start with, I do realize that what seems wrong … Continue reading

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What to say?

This picture of Mom is a few months old, one of the last times we got out into the community.  I hate the blue cord that hangs around her neck with the call button she can never remember to use … Continue reading

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Trying to Clone my Exhausted Self again: Hiring a social visitor for Mom

I’m exhausted.   Raw.   Completely overwhelmed with no sensible reason that I can pinpoint. I spent the last week trying to get it together, trying to pretend I wasn’t losing my mind and unraveling emotionally, and barely holding together … Continue reading

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The Sweet Burden of Caregiving ~ inspired by Lesley @ “Under My Wing” blog

I just read Lesley Austin’s thoughtful, beautiful post about respite at her blog, Under My Wing, and was so inspired by her phrase “sweet burden”, describing caregiving. You know when there’s a torrent of words and feelings you can’t capture … Continue reading

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