This blog is not dead

Thanks to those of you who’ve sent notes and have been on this site, or who have not totally deleted me from your RSS feed or cerebral memory, even though I have not been around here at all lately.  Spring, full of growth and momentum, never fails to overwhelm me, though mostly in a good way.  Everything is changing so fast outside.  In a single day, a field of bluebells appeared.

I’ve been getting lots of garden therapy, which I’d highly recommend, even if you only have a balcony.  Even the scent of dirt has been proven in studies to positively affect mental health, if you hadn’t heard.  I garden for others, and also in our yard when there’s time left over.  Putting in more edible plants and fruit each year makes me really happy.  Recently I added blueberries, purple raspberries, a pear tree, an apple tree, a plum tree, some bush cherries, more strawberries, and a supposedly hardy fig tree that I have to take into the basement each winter (huh?).  Either you could say this is my great passion, or I’m a total addict.  Both probably true.

My mom has entered yet another new stage of dementia and I have no idea how to explain or understand it yet, no clue if she’ll keep switching back and forth from lucid mom to “totally out to lunch” mom every day or so.  It’s a wild ride, and it’s forcing me to be adventurous, flexible, and have no expectations whatsoever (as impossible as that is) because they’re always wrong.

I think that’s a pretty good life lesson, so I’m trying to keep flowing rather than resisting or denying that her life, and all life, is always changing pretty dramatically, whether I choose to accept it or not.


If there’s something particular that you feel would be helpful for me to write more about, please let me know.   I’m happy to take requests.   To be honest, I’ve been feeling bankrupt in the writing ideas department, maybe because so much of my creativity has been going outdoors these days.  We have a brief warm season in Wisconsin, so we tend to go into celebration vacation mode when it’s nice out, and drop everything else, not unlike Garrison Keillor’s Minnesotans. 

So I may be around less until it gets cold again, but this blog is not dead. 

Happy Spring!


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2 Responses to This blog is not dead

  1. momsbrain says:

    I commend you for enjoying the outdoors! I have been trying to do that a little more, too, though I am not a dedicated gardener in the way that you are. I find that I drift away from my blog sometimes – either when things are really good or really bad. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to relive what has already been lived once, and with difficulty! Thanks for the update. I hope things become more stable with your mom.

  2. karen zardin says:

    I go outside to play and feed and water the dogs and that is about it. It is in the 90’s here. So glad you are getting out. The flowers are so pretty.

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