Mom replaces paid caregivers with scissors

I made my daily call to my mother tonight.  She said that the staff suggested she stay in bed and made her take all her meals in her room today because so many people in her residence were sick.

She had a fever late last week, so they kept her isolated for a few days, but she’d returned to normal when I visited with her last night.  She’d been bored to death and was thrilled to to return to the dining room to socialize.

So I was confused and angered that they’re isolating her again, supposedly to protect her from a virus she’s already battled and overcome.  I don’t quite get the reasoning. 

To top it off, she told me that she got completely stuck in her pajamas when she was trying to get them over her head last night.  In her words….

 “I was terrified, embarrassed, and half naked.  My arms were caught.  I couldn’t figure out what to do.  After about maybe half an hour, I was able to get the scissors and cut my top off so I didn’t have to call the staff.  Those were my favorite pajamas too.  I feel really sad.”


I feel sad too.  After hearing stuff like that, it makes me rethink the whole assisted living idea, which I seem to do at least once a week.  I wish that once in a while the staff would call me before I hear these stories from her.  Though many times, they don’t even know what took place.  Oddly, despite Mom’s moderate dementia and related horrible memory, she can remember anything emotional quite vividly and accurately.

I asked her to please call me next time if she’s afraid to call the staff.  I told her I’d rather make the long drive and help her than have her cutting up all her favorite clothes.  She laughed and agreed, so we shall see.  I imagine it’s pretty hard to use the phone when you’re being strangled by your PJ’s, or your bra, which has generally been her biggest undressing hurdle.


On a brighter note, spring sprung in our cold climate today.  Outside our back door I saw the first blossom of the year, a scilla siberica, or Siberian squill:

I’m looking forward to showing these to Mom!

P.S.  To follow up on my last post, I’ve spent a good chunk of time researching advance funeral planning, and am even more confused right now with the insurance vs. savings account issue for putting aside funds.  Each source seems to contradict the next.  Once some light is shed on all my questions, I’ll be writing about it again.

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