I’m a nice kind of exhausted this week.  We kept things low-key, decided not to travel, yet still planned a bunch of food and fun that took a good chunk of energy.  Mom had some med changes that resulted in a few major meltdown, but thankfully, somehow she returned to homeostasis on the morning of November 25th.

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays, and this year we got to spend it with our local fellow-foodie friends.  We took Mom out earlier for a Thanksgiving lunch, and then spent the evening in whole food holiday heaven with great friends who are all incredible, creative cooks.

As I was preparing one of my contributions the other night, I headed out to the cold frame behind our house to pick some greens, and felt something huge and smooth and out of place—it turned out to be a watermelon!  A ripe one, that had somehow escaped me completely as it grew there for months and then decided to pop out of the unruly mass of arugula and other greens that had hidden it until it surfaced for Thanksgiving??!  How wonderfully weird. 

It was a “yellow doll”, my very favorite, fully ripe and yummy, despite a few freezes this fall that changed the texture slightly.  No one had planted it there, but it’s entirely possible that we may have nonchalantly spit a seed into the garden in July, or that a seed survived our not so hot compost pile.

That’s one of many surprises that I’m thankful for this year. 

And here are a few reasons to cultivate gratitude in your life, if you need more:


photo credit for flower above : The Gifted Photographer

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2 Responses to Thanks

  1. So you are Meg, Margaret? I found your lovely comment at my blog and clicked the “meg” link to find out who “meg” was….so nice to find it is you. And now I see we have vegetable gardens and not-so-hot compost piles in common.

    Is that you holding the wonderful watermelon?

    I will give our goats a stroke or two for you when I see them tomorrow.

  2. Hi Lesley,

    Yes, for some reason the wordpress ID login wasn’t working. And yes- that’s me with the Thanksgiving watermelon.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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