Serenity Sunday

What's more soothing than petting three shaggy sheep?

Today I’d like to honor a day of rest by slowing down, stepping back, and letting some of my favorite quotes speak for themselves.

**All quotes have been edited, shortened, and/or modified a bit, but I trust that these authors will be fine with me catching the main idea and passing it on for you to enjoy!**

The quotes without author credit are things that were told to me long ago, and I forgot by who,or things I read and remembered, but now can’t place,or things I figured out myself, and wrote down to remember.


All are helpful reminders for tired caregivers, I think.


Just see what is and acknowledge it.

See it clearly without judgment and let it go.

Keep coming back to the present moment.

~Learning to leap into open space with our fear, resentment, and doubt is how we become fully human beings.

~Never underestimate the power of compassionately recognizing what’s going on

by Pema Chodron, from her book, Comfortable with Uncertainty

Live in the Present

Do the things that need to be done

Do all the good you can each day

The future will unfold

by Peace Pilgrim


Accept that sometimes we have nothing to give in certain situations and at certain times.

It’s important to recognize and honor that, and to allow space,

to know when it’s time to step back–

Everything is not our job.


~The origin of the word COMFORT: To make someone stronger.


Am I connected, asking for help, turning over what’s not mine?

Am I honoring the great mysteries, miracles, and blessings in my life?

Am I taking care of my fierce need to be alone, my need to feel loved, my need to feel heard and understood?

What I love and am attracted to shows me what I need to do next, where I need to go, what I need to serve or connect with.

by Jennifer Louden
Happy Sunday!


A goofy goat can always make me smile

Do you have a favorite quote for sanity that you’d like to add?

Please share in the comments!


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    I’d love your reaction to our blog in general and your readers may find it thought provoking as well. You can read it at:

    Steve and Robin

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